Sex Addiction Counseling

Are you suffering from sex addiction?

Or do you live with a sex addict? Are you dealing with the stigma of addiction? And feel there is no way out? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you have found the right place for help.

What is sex addiction? “Sex addiction” is described as a compulsive need to perform sexual acts in order to achieve the kind of “fix” that a person with a drinking problem gets from a drink or someone with opiate addiction gets from using opiates” (healthline). For many, sex addiction can cause extreme dangerous and negative consequences in their lives. For their spouses, it can cause serious marital problems that can result in divorce if not treated. Just like a drug addiction can be treated, so can sex addiction.

Treatment can include inpatient, outpatient, sex addiction 12 step meetings, and medications.

Outpatient treatment is centered around Cognitive Behavior Therapy.

 A Licensed Mental Health Therapist trained as a Certified Sex Addiction Therapist can assist with this through one-on-one sessions.

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